Why us?

Something you might like to know about us is that we believe that IRL human connection is the key to living with joy and compassion. Something you might not like to know about us is that we aren’t in this for the money. It is a combination of our professional expertise and personal passion that lead us to Innermission.

We are both marketing and brand strategy experts by trade and spent 12 years running the experiential marketing department at a Fortune 500 Company. Together, we pioneered concepts in event marketing including large scale consumer lifestyle events, touring pop ups, experiential installs, influencer events, PR stunts and brand ambassador programming. In other words, creating bad ass experiences is what we do best. Outside of our professional experience, we both are certified yoga instructors and Brooke is a certified life coach. And enough about our resume...

What inspired us to leave our high ranking roles in Corporate America and create Innermission were our own personal journeys of growth, and the profound impact certain people, practices and experiences had on our human experience. Of course, we did not seek these tools until our personal lives knocked us on our ass (more on that over cocktails), and our professional lives had us mentally and physically drained (standard corporate culture, ya know?). Our discoveries sparked a deep passion to share these tools with others, and a determination to inspire our both our younger selves and company cultures to shift their mindsets and maximize living.

We thrive off of bringing awesome humans together and creating meaningful shared experiences that allow us to connect with ourselves and others. We are restoring human connection in our digitally based lives. Most importantly, Innermission experiences are contributing to the healing of an otherwise divided world.

We can’t wait to share our transformational experiences with you!

Ready for your Innermission?


"We curate Innermissions leveraging people, practices and experiences that have impacted our own lives and our deep passion to share those with others."

-Sara Gaul Werlinich + Brooke Joy