Custom Innermissions

Not just another work conference.

At Innermission, we are out of the box, experiential marketers who curate transformational experiences. We work with visionary brands and leaders who value the human component of business to foster connection among teams and consumers through shared experiences.


balance in a digital world.

Technology is critical to thrive in the modern world, especially in the recent times of isolation.  While the digital world seems to be here to stay, we believe it’s more important than ever to cultivate a real human connection with your audience and your teams.  It is also critical for the health and happiness of your consumers, associates and broader community to provide resources and conversation around emotional wellness and mindfulness.


connect with your consumers.

Do you want to engage with your consumers in ways that show you care? Could your core community benefit from an experience focused on disconnecting from devices, connecting with each other and learning accessible practices for mindful living? Let us design a custom innermission just for you.


invest in your team.

We come from a corporate background, and understand the anxiety and overwhelm that come with fast paced environments.  As previous leaders of our own teams, we found it critical prioritize, encourage and support the mental health of our associates. We are passionate about improving corporate culture and connecting remote teams  through shared transformational experiences.

Let's Create Your Innermission!