Not your average team retreat or work conference.


What happens when you gather a fully remote team to share a transformational, in person experience?

Connection. Authentic relationships. Memories. Magic. 

Hear from the team!

“We tricked everyone into thinking this isn’t work. This experience will have a profound impact on the success of the team.”

Chris, Co-Founder & CEO

“Investing in this type of experience is worth every dollar and it cost less than a couple months of office rent.”


“This experience allowed a platform for the team to connect and will be cherished for a lifetime.”

Niyati, VP of Product Development

“I am going to use what I learned this week at home with my family.”

Sven, Director of Digital Commerce

“I feel really proud to work for a company that believes in investing in their employees.”

Regional Sales Manager

“All the events have impact and lead to an unforgettable team bonding experience. I feel appreciated and cared for which makes me appraise and care for Koia”

Hero, Associate Creative Director